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Pouring Castile soap into jar
Row of 1L Castile soap bottles in 5 different scents
Two scents of 1L masculine vegan Castile soaps
1L Vegan Castile soap gif
5 different scents of castile soap in glass pump jar
grapefruit lime castile soap in glas pump jar and pink grapefruit bar soap
liquid mens castile soap in glass pump jar in cypress lime and spearmint eucalyptus scents

1L Bulk Liquid Soap

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Get our liquid Castile in bulk!

Our vegan castile soap can be used for so many purposes and our ultra-concentrated formula means you can dilute it quite a bit and still have lots of cleaning power and bubbles!

Some of our favourite uses:

- hand soap, dilute 1:3 with water

- foaming pump, dilute 1:10 with water 

- body wash, ideally in a foaming pump. Dilute 1:4 with water

- general purpose house cleaner, in a spray bottle. Dilute 1:3 with water

- floor cleaner, use to mop or scrub. Dilute 1:20 with water. Just a couple tablespoons in a bucket 

- pet shampoo, our gentle formula won't agitate your animals' coat. Dilute 1:5 with water

Vegan | Handmade | All Natural | Palm Free

Check out uses of my Vegan Liquid Castile Soap in the video below or read more about Vegan Liquid Castile Soap!



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