Custom Soaps for Any Occasion!

Hand-made, high-quality soap is one of the best gifts one can give or receive.

I really believe this! And there is so much you can do to make this gift special, unique and one-of-a-kind. We are always excited to work with you on custom projects to perfectly fit any event or occasion.

Want to order a loaf of soap custom to your favourite design & scent just for yourself? No problem!

Looking for favours for birthdays, bridal, wedding or  baby showers? We can make the cutest little soaps for you to give to all your guests without breaking the bank!

Why is soap such a great little gift?

Well, for one thing - everyone needs soap! It's something that every person can use. And secondly, this little gift will get used up and doesn't just turn into another piece of junk kicking around the house. 

How can we make the soaps your own? We can customize the scent, the colour and the top of the soap to fit your preference. We can make full-sized bars, mini bars, or skinny mini bars to fit your needs and budget. Finally, all custom orders come with a custom label designed just for you by an expert graphic designer to fully make these bars your own.

Click here to fill out a request form for a custom soap!

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