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All About Liquid Castile Soap

Liquid Castile soap... where to start.

This stuff is just magic.

  • It has so many different uses.
  • It's super concentrated.
  • It's 100% vegan and all-natural.

Let's start at the beginning - what is "Castile" soap?

Back when soap was first being commonly made and used, it was primarily made from animal fat - lard & tallow. The first vegan vegetable oil soap to become widely used was a 100% pure olive oil some from the region of Castile in Sprain. Hence forth, soap made from primarily olive oil is referred to Castile Soap. This applied to both liquid and bar soap.

What makes liquid soap different from bar soap (other than the obvious)?

Basically - soap is made by reacting oils, fats and butters (all forms of lipids) with lye. And lye comes in two forms, either Sodium Hydroxide or Potassium Hydroxide. Usually the lye used is Sodium Hydroxide, which makes a very solid soap that is used as a bar. However if you use Potassium Hydroxide instead you will end up with a soap paste - which can then be dissolved in water to yield a liquid soap. 

And that’s exactly what we do here!

We make our liquid soap paste in small batches out of a custom blend of vegan oils. We use olive, coconut and castor oils which gives a nice blend of cleansing, conditioning and lots of bubbles!

What makes our bulk liquid Castile so strong and effective?

Our soap paste is dissolved in 100% pure distilled water - but not by much! And this is what makes our liquid soap so valuable. When you get a 1L bulk version, it’s a super concentrated formula. Which makes it ideal for applications all around your house and also allows you to dilute the soap by a lot - making it last for a long long time.

Some of our favourite uses for the liquid Castile include:

  • refilling your Castile Soap bottles: 1 part Castile to 3 parts water
  • using in a foaming hand soap bottle: 1 part Castile to 8 parts water
  • using as a body wash: 1 part Castile to 4 parts water
  • using as a house cleaner: 1 part Castile to 2 parts water
  • using to mop: a splash of Castile in a bucket of water
  • as a pet shampoo: 1 part Castile to 6 parts water

But truly the uses for Castile are endless! If you want to find out more ideas, just do a quick google search! There are so many amazing ideas out there.

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