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Soap Saver
Soap Saver

Soap Saver

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This little bag is the best accessory for using bar soap in the shower.

This mesh bag is made of soft polypropylene that will make your bar bubble like never before. Also makes it super easy to hang on to your soap without it slipping through your fingers - even down to the very last bit of soap. Don't waste those soap shards - just throw them in our soap saver! 

The mesh gently exfoliates, revealing softer and brighter skin underneath. And finally - hang your bar to dry fully in between uses. This makes your soap last longer and prevent it from going soft if left in a puddle of water. 

Usually we try and avoid plastic at all costs - but this baby is made to last! And considering how much soap it will save you, it's well worth it.

Every shower needs on of these - meet your soap's new best friend. 

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